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New Products

New Hogy Tuna Jig

Video: Jigging Chatham Tuna with SI Harness Sand Eel Jig

Watch Capt. Mike Hogan introduce the SI Harness jig for the perfect sand eel jig for large tuna off Cape Cod.

Tuna Casting Jigs - Hogy SI Epoxy Jig

Data Sheet: Tuna Epoxy Casting Jig

Last year Hogy Lure Company introduced SI Epoxy Jigs, a revival of a nostalgic favorite amongst bonito and false albacore fishermen. Features include through-wire construction, stainless steel split ring and VMC 4x treble hook, perfect for fooling selective false albacore, bonito and any game fish that relies on excellent eyesight when attacking its prey.

Floating Crab 480px

Data Sheet: Hogy® HDUV 3.5″ Soft Shell Floating Crab Lure

Hogy’s premium soft plastic is blended around a floating core to create one of the most life like pass, blue or lady crab imitator lures for tarpon, permit, stripers and redfish. These durable baits can be rigged several ways to fish a variety of scenarios.

Boyle Striper Hammered Jig

Best Diamond Jigs and Jigging Lures

Standard Issue Smooth Diamond Jigs are the best diamond jigs on the market for catching stripers, bluefish, tuna, grouper, snook, snapper and mahi.