Pro Talk: Catching SC Bull Redfish Offshore with Tucker Blythe

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tucker Blythe



Here’s what we learned…


Location: Offshore Charleston, SC

Tides: These fish are targeted in 35′ – 50′ offshore, so tide isn’t as important as good ocean conditions to find the fish.

Approach: The best time too look for bull redfish offshore  Running and gunning looking for large pods of bottlenose dolphins and Northen Gannet birds led us to the fish. Searching in 35-50ft of water around live bottom or artificial reefs helped narrow the search.

Rigging Selection: Jigging up these big big redfish offshore requires a heavy duty jig hook. I’ve had the best luck using the Hogy® 2oz Deep Darter Head for sight casting and jigging over shallow structure.

Bait Selection: The Hogy® 10inch Jigging. is perfect for tempting these huge redfish into eating.




Why this bait? The Hogy® 10inch Jigging is a perfect size to tempt these big bull redfish into biting. It’s also easy to cast a long ways when rigged on the 2oz darter head. It is great to mimic offshore menhaden or sardines that these schools of redfish are chasing.

Colors: Bone is top choice, followed by bubblegum.

Retrieve:  The retrieve can go one of two ways. When approaching a school of big redfish offshore, they are either milling around near the surface or actively feed on a bait school. If they are actively feeding, a fast retrieve with rod twitches will get them excited to chase down the bait and strike. If the reds are just swimming around near the surface and not actively feeding, a slower jig and pause retrieve should be used to tempt them into biting.

Don’t be afraid to reel the bait in super fast either, sometimes presenting the big soft bait as a bait fish trying it’s best to quickly escape will drive the redfish crazy.


Rod: Medium-Fast  action 7′ 6″ St. Croix spinning rod with a medium fast tip.

Reel:  Shimano Stradic or Bait Runner 6000 – 8000.

Line: 30lb power pro braid for my main line. For leader, 40lb Fluorocarbon is perfect for big bull redfish. Use a uni to uni knot for line to leader connection.

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