A Product Line Tour: Original Series


Hogy® Original Series soft baits are designed for a variety of top-water rigging methods. Each Hogy® Original Features our signature-rigging slot to accommodate all type for rigging and great hook sets.


7” Unrigged Weight: 1/2oz



Designed for superior casting distance when compared to similarly sized soft plastics, its wider profile is designed to elicit strikes from larger game fish. An inshore favorite. This bait is designed to walk the dog with perfection.

Hogy Swimming Tin 1oz and 3oz

Hogy Swim-Bait Hook 5/0 Weighted

Hogy Swim-Bait hook 5/0 Unweighted

Hogy Jig Head: 1/2 oz

Hogy Drop Shot Rig: 7/0


10” Unrigged Weight: 1oz



Designed to be fished fast or slow, its head to toe action drives fish crazy. Is it a large baitfish? An eel? Or a snake? Answer depends on whom you ask… All we know is that this bait is deadly.


14” Unrigged Weight: 2oz




Plain and simple, this is a BIG-FISH BAIT. Perfect imitator of big eels and snakes; its sinuous action drives fish crazy. If you are trolling with the 14incher, the bait will quiver as it makes its way behind the boat. DON’T BE A CHICKEN! Fish this bait and you’ll thank us.


18” Unrigged Weight: 3oz





The Worlds Largest Soft-Jerk bait! The biggest we know of anyway… This massive bait weighs 3 ounces un- rigged and has quite a list of trophies under its belt. Fish it with confidence and you will thank us!

Click for Full Rigging Chart

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