Pro Talk: Casting Baits for White Marlin

15 Minutes with: Capt. Jamie Boyle


Here’s what we learned…

Location: Offshore Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Tides: Tidal conditions are necessarily important, but slick calm surface conditions are necessary to find sun bathing marlin.

Approach: This is a very time and condition specific technique. Requiring just the right mix of bait, water temperature and location of the Gulf Stream. This usually occurs in late July – Mid August when bait and water temps are peaking. You’ll need to find water from 66 – 70 degrees, with 68 degrees being ideal. Your best off starting your search mid morning once air temperatures have risen and the sun’s position allows for better surface visibility. Keep an eye our for birds working half-beak bait balls formed by feeding marlin.

Rigging Selection: 8/0 xxStrong Soft Circle Hook

Bait Selection: The Hogy® 10inch Original

Why this bait? The large profile and extra weight of this bait allow for long distance casting , while mimicking the shape and profile of half-beaks perfectly.

Colors: Silver is top choice, followed by bone.

Retrieve:  A fast, stop and go retrieve in necessary to “fire up” the marlin. It may be necessary to cast repeatedly to the same fish until it strikes. You’ll want to keep the bait dancing just along the waters surface.

When a fish begins to chase down the bait, don’t slow down your retrieve! Maintain your speed or increase to trigger a savage strike.




Rod: St. Croix 8′ Tide Master TIS80HS 17-40lb.

Reel:  Quantum Cabo 80 Spinning Reel

Line: 60lb Power Pro Slick tied to 8′ 60-pound fluorocarbon leader. Use a slim beauty knot for line to line connection and a loop knot to tie leader to bait.

Sight Casting White Marlin Action Video

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  1. unbeleivable, that and casting to Tuna, if I could do this before I die, I’d die a happy man

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