15 Minutes with Capt. Terry Nugent


Here’s what we learned…

Vertical Jigging Stripers Devils Bridge Capt. Terry Nugent Riptide ChartersLocation: Devil’s Bridge, Martha’s Vineyard

Tides: It’s best to arrive at this rip when the current speed just hits 0.5knts. Then fish the rip through the tide. Both and east and a west running tide can fish well although I prefer an east running tide.

Approach: When we fish this rip line I generally try to drift the rip rather than stem the tide. I find it’s easier for my sports to reach the bottom with lighter jigs. It’s much easier to fight and land the fish when they are not fighting the current as well as the fish. This also forces me to re-evaluate where my next setup will be rather than staying static in one section of the rip.

Bait Selection: 4 Ounce Standard Issue Diamond Jigs

Rigging Selection: SI Mustad & Chili Pepper Diamond Teasers

Why this bait? Due to the depth and the current in this location we need the rapid sink rate of an all-metal jig. The diamond jig is a great match to the herring and squid typically found on “The Bridge.”

Color Selection: Smooth, Hammered and Painted


Retrieve: When we fish “The Bridge” the bass are generally right on the bottom. If the jig is high in the water column we tend to catch more bluefish than bass. Dropping the jig right to the bottom and bumping it along the sand triggers all of our strikes. It’s harder than it sounds, since the bottom rises and drops quickly and there is always a strong current. Maintaining contact with the bottom during the entire drift is the key to success here.

Rod: 7′ Shimano Teres rod, rated 20 – 50-pound.

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 10000

Line: 50-pound test braid, 40 to 60-pound test fluorocarbon leader tied via triple surgeons knot.