Pro Talk: Jigging Deepwater Wrecks for North Carolina Wahoo

15 Minutes with: Capt. Rick croson


Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Tides: N/A

Approach: This technique was figured out by accident. We were working trolling lures over a wreck for wahoo, but were coming up empty handed. I was confident the fish were there, so we tried a different approach. I took the Hogy® 2oz Deep Darter Head and 10inch Jigging Hogy®, drove with the direction of the drift towards the wreck, then began dropping the bait down with an open bail 20 yards before the wreck. I would dump about half the spool of line from the reel (120yards) then begin the retrieve.

Rigging Selection: The Hogy® 2oz Deep Darter Head is a perfect big game grade jig head.

Bait Selection: The Hogy® 10inch Jigging Series.





Why this bait? The large size and whipping tail on this bait give it a deadly action when cranked in as fast as possible. The tail darts and dances, even with out moving the rod much on a fast retrieve.

Colors: Ballysmoke. A favorite bluewater color, it imitates the color of sardines, small bontio or blue runners very well.

Retrieve:  FAST. You can’t reel too fast when trying to trigger a wahoo into eating. Once you close the bail after dumping half the line on the spool, get in a steady, braced position and begin reeling as fast as you can turn the handle. Slight rod tip twitches can be used, but don’t need to be over-done. The fast cranking will have the 10inch Jigging Hogy’s tail dancing like crazy.


Rod: 5′ 2″ XXH Star Plazma Jigging Rod

Reel:  Shimano Stella 10,000SW

Line: 80lb Powerpro

Leader: 6′ 80lb Mono Leader with a 12″ 90lb single strand bite tipped tied with an albright knot.

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