Pro Talk: Redfish In The Surf With Tucker Blythe

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tucker Blythe



Here’s what we learned…Tucker Hogy Surf Redfish Rabbit


Location: Charleston, SC

Tides: Low Incoming.

Approach: Finding the outer sand bars at low tide with troughs running through them is key. Bars with lots of rivets and potholes are feeding grounds as the tide comes in. Areas that are productive will have lots of life. Gulls working the surf, mullet running the beach, or sand fleas present are a few examples.

Rigging Selection: I prefer the 6/0 .5 oz Barbarian Jig head when the conditions are rough. When the wind is down and water clear I will go with a more subtle approach and use a 5/0 un-weighted swim bait hook.

Bait Selection: The Hogy® 7inch Original or 5″ Rabbit Swim Bait




Why this bait? The Hogy® Rabbit and 7 inch Original are perfect imitations for the size mullet and menhaden these surf fish are targeting. The weight of the bait allows for a long cast paired with a fast action St. Croix rod.

Colors: Bone, Black, and Rainbow Bunker in the Rabbit.  Bone, Black Pearl, and Electric Chicken for the 7 inch Original.

Retrieve: The retrieve on the Rabbit paired with the .5 oz Barbarian jig head is a medium steady retrieve with vertical twitches sporadically. When using the swimbait hook I like to slow down the presentation with a walk the dog retrieve.

Tucker Hogy Surf Redfish (2)


Rod: Medium- Fast action Avid St. Croix Rod.

Reel:  Shimano Stradic FJ 3000 and 4000.

Line: 15lb power pro braid for my main line. For leader, 25lb Fluorocarbon is perfect for redfish. Use a uni to uni knot for line to leader connection.

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