Pro Talk: Sand Dab Lures For The Channel Islands Ling Cod

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tony Vultaggio


Here’s what we learned. . .

Location: The Channel Islands, California

Tides: The high outgoing produced the best.

Approach: Fishing along the islands can be a little tricky. The lings were holding around the transition areas near high spots in 80′ – 120′. It’s important to watch your fish finder to pinpoint how the ling cod are relating to structure on a given day. By far, the most productive areas were the bottom of high spots and they dropped into the flats.

Rigging Selection: Barbarian Jig Series

Bait Selection: The Hogy® Sand Dab Series



2015 Hogy HDUV Series Sand Dab Soft Baits Diagrams 640

Why this bait?  The Hogy® Sand Dab is a perfect Imitator for Sand Dabs, the fish are used to eating them in deeper water. This presented a familiar and easy meal in shallower water.

Colors: Amber Fleck, Bone Glow.

Retrieve: A standard drop shot jigging technique. Drop the bait to the bottom and begin shaking the rod tip to vibrate the Hogy® Sand Dab. Pause for a moment, then begin shaking the rod tip again. Strikes were a long, strong pull and the fish inhaled the bait and began swimming away. When using the Barbarian Jig Head, let the bait to the bottom and begin slowing swimming it 3′ – 5′ above the bottom. Make sure to drop it back down every so often to maintain contact with the bottom.


Boat: Jesse Mae 28’ Radon

Reel: Penn Torque 15

Rod: Penn Carnage 20-50lb 7’

Line: 50lb Spider Wire Stealth

Leader: 20’ 30lb Big Game Top Shot – Albright Knot

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