Pro Talk: Targeting Cobia on the Crystal Coast of NC

15 Minutes with: Capt. Roy Heverly



Here’s what we learned…Emerald Isle Adventures Cobia

Location: Emerald Isle, NC

Tides: Both will produce fish.  Cobia migrate up the shoreline and in and out of inlets.  Tide lines can be productive on the dropping and lower tides and the incoming tide favors the inlets.

Approach: These fish spook easily so keeping a distance is key and will increase your odds. Once a Cobia is spotted SLOW DOWN, TAKE YOUR TIME and cast in front and beyond the fish. During the Spring migration the Cobia are on the move heading north toward Virginia. Schools of menhaden are on the same path and often cover the shoreline from 40 feet all the way to the breakers. Find the bait and you will find the Cobia. We usually cruise the shoreline looking for diving birds, tide lines, slicks or any other signs of bait.  The sun is your friend when sight casting for Cobia. As the sun gets overhead and surface temps. warm up it is time to cover some ground looking for Cobia swimming just under the surface.

Rigging Selection:  When targeting Cobia on the surface,  a 10/0  1 oz or 2oz barbarian jig head tipped with The Hogy® 7″ & 10″ Original Series Soft Baits  is the preferred set up to hook Cobia consistently. The action of a Hogy® Original is incredible and Cobia can’t resist it.  When the Cobia settle around the bottom structures  10/0  3 or 4 oz Hogy Barbarian Jig Heads paired with a black Red Belly or Tinker Mack Black Flake 8 inch HDUV Jiggin Paddle work great for jigging the lower water column.

Bait Selection:. The Hogy® 7″ & 10″ Original Series Soft Baits, 8 inch HDUV Jigging Paddle

Why this bait?  Simply put, the action generates more hookups and the durability is unmatched in the soft plastic world. Our numbers nearly doubled after switching over to Hogy soft baits.

Pre Rigged Hogy Cobia Swim Bait

Colors:   Variety is the key to consistent hook ups.  I usually have multiple colors and sizes rigged and ready when Cobia fishing. These fish can turn off and on to a certain color and you want to be able to give different color selections when fish turn off of a color. Blamber Eel and Tinker Mack were my top producers last season. I plan on trying a few new colors this upcoming season.

Retrieve:. This action depends on the mentality of the fish, some are aggressive and others need to be enticed.  When working the bait you will need to twitch the bait once then pause then twitch twice then pause  reel a couple cranks and repeat action to get the strike. This method can be changed determining on how the Cobia react.

Capt. Roy Heverly Hogy Cobia Fishing Lures


Rod:6’6” Medium/heavy

Reel: 5000 Spinning

Line: 50lb Braid

Leader: 50lb /80lb Flouro Leader depending on water clarity

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