Pro Talk: Topwater Stripers on Lake Cumberland

15 Minutes with: Larry Ulmer – Tight line charters

(502) 445-7215

Larry Fish Sept 14Here’s what we learned…


Location: Lake Cumberland, KY

Season: Summer through early fall.

Approach: This technique is used as a quick fire backup while using traditional deep water trolling methods. Several light spinning rods are rigged with lightly weighted 6inch Skinny’s that can be quickly cast to surface feeding fish. These breaking schools are hard to predict and end almost as quickly as they begin. Having a rod rigged and ready to cast at a moments notice is crucial for success. As surface breaking fish are located, casts quickly fired into the feeding area are rarely refused.

Rigging Selection: The lightly weighted 1/4oz Weighted 4/0 Swim Bait Hook allows for a sub surface retrieve that can also be quickly skipped across the surface.

Bait Selection: Hogy® 6inch Skinny SeriesThis bait offers a unique profile very similar to the stripers primary forage, threadfin shad and alewife.

Why this bait? The combination of size, color, action and profile make this a top choice for casting to surface feeding stripers.

Colors: Bone, Ballysmoke and Smokey Minnow are all effective.

Retrieve: It’s very important to be rigged and ready to quickly react to breaking fish. Feeds often last just a few moments, quickly cast your soft bait need the boils and begin a quick twitch and pause retrieve. Often fish will hit immediately, if no, allow the bait to sink for 3-6 seconds and begin twitching again.

Larry Ulmer Hogy Pic


Rod: Lamaglass MH 7′ 6″

Reel: Shimano Symetre 3000

Line: 14lb Mono tied direct via loop knot.

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