Product Review: Kokatat Tempest Pants for North East Kayakers

by Eric “Slappy” Harrison

pants_tempestWith the popularity of sit-on top kayaks, how we dress makes a big difference in how often we fish and how long we stay on the water. A good kayak fishing outfit can keep you comfortable on the water all day, even when it is cold and rough out. Fishing in New England, I do  quite a bit of night fishing and I find that even on the warmest nights I don’t want the water on my legs and I don’t want to be wet all night.

My go to outfit when I need to stay dry is a pair of Kokatat Tempest Pants with a drytop that seals with the pants to create a dry suit. I use the Tempest pants made with socks, they provide complete coverage and keep me dry when I launch the kayak or get out for some wade fishing. The pants have a neoprene waistband that provide a snug and comfortable fit and allow you to use a tunnel style dry top to create a dry suit.

Many anglers use a dry top and wader combo, but I find that the Tempest pants are a better option.  They are more comfortable because they are made from a higher quality fabric than most waders. Tempest pants come in sizes that fit, they allow you to layer underneath, but don’t have too much extra room. When they are used with a tunnel dry top, they create a nice seal and essentially become a very economical dry suit; also, when nature calls you can roll the top down, you don’t need to head in to shore.

The pants come in two styles, the Hydrus 3L, which is a layered breathable fabric, or Gore-Tex. I have been using the Hydrus 3L pants for the last five years, they are both comfortable and durable and are available at a lower price point than the Gore-Tex version.

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