Product Review: Power Pole Micro Shallow Water Anchor

by Capt. Ross Gallagher

Powerpole Micro Install IA

I spend a majority of my fishing time skimming along the shallow sea grass beds of Pine Island Sound searching for wary redfish and snook. Fishing an average depth of less than three feet, a majority of my fishing is done by sight. This is an exciting way to target these fish, but it requires a great deal of stealth to find and present a cast to a fish before it sees you.

I’ve been using a Yak Attack Park and Pole as a dual purpose push and stake out pole. It has worked really well as a push pole because it can be a little cumbersome and noisy when trying to stake out and anchor. In the few moments it takes to stake out and position my anchor trolley, I create several opportunities for sight and sound disturbances to spook the fish.

While I try my best to be quiet and careful, anchoring is not always as silent as I’d like. This problem has been solved with the Power Pole Micro Shallow Water Anchor. I recently installed a unit to my 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 14. The installation was simple and took less than 30 minutes. I then powered the unit with Hobie’s own Power Pack. All said and done, the finished installation with power took just over an hour and a half.

Powerpole Back Shot Pro AnglerMany kayak anglers seek the simple approach to their fishing. I fished a bare bones kayak for several years and caught fish. With new tools, like the Micro, we now have the opportunity to increase the efficiency while fishing in a kayak. The more time you spend fishing, odds are the more fish you are going to catch.

During my first outing using the Micro, I was immediately impressed with the silent and fast operation of the unit. It did was it was supposed to: drive a spike into the sand and mud to hold my kayak in position to cast at fish. What I enjoyed the most was the quick ability to “pop and drop” along the flat while cashing a small school of redfish. Often, when targeting spooky, shallow fish, small directional changes are necessary to stay on top of fish. During these shuffles, banging around a pin anchor or spike can easily spook the fish. With the micro, it was simply the press of a button and I was up and ready to move and re anchor.

This device is certainly going to be an asset to my technical inshore fishing game. If you’re serious about your fishing and spend a majority of your time in shallow water, visit your local Power Pole Dealer and see what the Micro has to offer you.

Visit Power Pole online for more information

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