Product Review: Rugged Shark Greatwhite Fishing Boots

Review by Capt. Mike Hogan

Rugged Shark BootI lucked into these boots. I was onsite for a film shoot and when I was ready to swap out my office shoes for boots I was out of luck as my old fishn’ boots were back at Hogy HQ. Luckily we were meeting at the boat ramp by a Hogy dealer that was willing to open the shop back up 15 minutes after closing for me to sell me a pair of boots. The owner swore by these boots, his only ones… I wasn’t used to spending close to $70.00 on boots, so I didn’t know what to expect… Simply put, this was three years ago and I still have the same pair. They are awesome. They feel almost as good as my running sneakers, they are light and even a little stylish to boot. (Sorry for bad pun.) Get these boots.

They are great! – Mike Hogan, Company Owner.

Visit Them Online www.ruggedshark.com

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3 comments on “Product Review: Rugged Shark Greatwhite Fishing Boots
  1. Ken R. says:

    I am on my second pair. Love these boots. Much more comfortable than traditional boating boats with and actual insole and arch support. Worth the extra money!

  2. How warm are they. I need a pair of boots to use in NC offshore winter fishing and hopefully not too warm for summer fishing if needed.

    • Ross says:


      With a good pair of wool socks, they are fine for fishing in the low 50’s and up. It is not a winter fishing boot, but it’s great for everything else.

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