Product Review: St. Croix 8’ Avid Inshore

Application: Throwing larger soft-baits, namely the 10” Double Wide, 14” and 18” Originals.

Keep in mind that these are BIG FISH baits, so they require a rod that has enough backbone to properly work the baits.

I get asked all the time what rods I use for our larger varieties of Hogy soft-baits. While there are a number of them out there that work well, the rod I decided on for the 2011 season is the St. Croix Avid Inshore 8’ MH.


The challenge has always been, finding a rod that:

  • Casts well
  • Works the baits properly
  • Usable for a day of casting


Here’s my report for the: St. Croix Avid Inshore 8’ MH:

Working the baits properly.

Make no mistake, this is a fast action rod and those who fish with me know that I tend not to like too much tip flex associated with fast action rods. So why do I like this rod so much? It is a beast. This rod has a fairly solid backbone all the way through to the tip.

Why don’t I like too much tip-flex you may ask?

Firstly too much tip flex absorbs a lot of motion associated with the short twitching motion. So you get a situation where your working the rod and the tip is moving but is absorbing all the shock. The result? The soft-bait isn’t twitching as much as your tip, and consequently has a dull action.

The Avid inshore 8’ has enough “tip” to really work the big soft-baits. Don’t be afraid to impart short fast twitching motions with the rod. Paired with 50lb plus braid, you’ll be amazed at the action.


Remember, I did say it was a fast rod, just not too fast. So if you find yourself casting a 10” Original, you’ll be ok. This rod will whip a 1oz bait a good distance. While this rod is a beast, the top 30% is soft enough to load with a one once bait. A simple snap cast and you’re in business.

On the flip side, this rod will “lob” baits if you’re overloading the rod with a really heavy bait. While I think everyone should throwh soft-baits, I imagine this rod being perfect for live eels. But buy Hogy instead!

But can you work the rod all day?

Yes. This is a high performance rod. While clearly not the cheapest rod out there it really is worth considering. I think the New England sales rep for St. Croix said it best, it handles like a sports car. Light, agile and beastly. A hard combination to find…

Link: http://www.stcroixrods.com/product/avid-series-inshore

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