Product Review: Van Staal VS200

Application: Travel Reel

Ok, everyone knows that Van Staal makes top contending surf reels for the nighttime swimming, rock climbing, Montauk skishing, hardest of hard-core anglers. In that vein, Van Staals’s Original reels come with special roller instead of a traditional bail. The theory behind this is that in the dark, an angler knows that the line is properly engaged each time he or she begins the retrieve. They’re also quicker on the pick up in the hands of an experience fishermen. The reels are bullet proof, water proof and tough.

An aside…. If you’re reading this right now, you’re obviously on our website. And if you take a look around, you’ll quickly notice how much value we place on video. Whether it’s filming a product demonstration, appearing as a guest on fishing tv shows or simply adding content to our you-tube page, travel is a big part of our existence at Hogy lures. We go to some pretty far away places, checking luggage, running in tough conditions and we travel with all our gear. Needless to say, we’re harder than average on our gear.

Simply put, we spend a meaningful percentage of our marketing budget on these projects so it’s incredibly important that everything arrives in the condition we packed it.

Now stepping back to Van Staal’s VS200, it’s the ultimate travel reel. It always arrives the way it was packed, whether carry on or checked luggage.

No Bail: Means no bail to bend in travel; the bail-less reel eliminates parts that fail, keeping it simple and over building the product is what has made a van Staal so reliable. I have bent bails in my travels and the reels were not the same on the trip despite re-bending with oversized crimpers. No bail also means they are easier to cram into your suit case or carry on luggage.

Insane Drag: Chances are this reel won’t fail you on scene. I have taken my reel everywhere. It has landed large bluefin tuna, yellow tuna, cobia, stripers in the surf, big jacks, ajs and huge grouper. I should also mention I take lousy care of my gear. Somehow my vs 200s look brand new. The thing is a mini tank.

Perfect Size: This reel hits a sweet spot. If I were to own just one Van Staal, this would be the one. Small enough for huge stripers and big enough for 150lb tuna, it’s a scrappy reel, and offers great line capacity.

If there were any downsides to this reel, it is a little on the heavy side. Remember, it’s a brick @#$$^ house. It’s geared to win. No, it’s not the lightest smoothest reel on the market. Neither is a Mac® truck a nimble speedster. However, this reel is very good at always winning.

Plus it looks cool.

Link: http://www.vanstaal.com/VSS200_reels.htm

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