Q&A: Hogy Kingfish Tips


  • Bubble Gum is DEADLY. Just saying.
  • For large kings, make sure to use a wire tandem rig.
  • Make sure to fish a light drag, king fish make blistering runs, but they also have soft mouths.


  • If your interested in casting to fish, I’ve had really good success speed jigging or surface casting for them over structure. The 14inch big game tandem rig with a 14inch original bubble gum worked across the surface is dynamite.
  • When fishing around a school of kingfish, working a brightly colored bait quickly across the surface can draw explosive surface strikes.


  • The 10inch Jiggin’ bait in bone or bubble gum. Use the 2oz Darter head for rigging.
  • Remember to try jigging for the grouper with the flounder and the jiggin’ style baits. I’ve had stellar results recently on big red grouper.
  • Don’t forget to try vertically jigging, the 2oz darter head with a stinger hook is deadly.


  • Down riggers – The casting rigs works great when fished weightless on a down rigger, much like a ribbonfish rig.
  • When trying to cover ground, the blue max skirted baits are a great choice for big kings. The fact that you can run two to three times faster than when your fishing the “three rigged bait” or Daisy Chain.
  • Here is a link to the blue max series. They come with 4 extra rigging bodies, and will hold up well to toothy kings.
  • Trolling near bait pods, or on the color changes frequently found in 40′ – 60′ will produce very well. I’ve also pulled some nice kings from artificial reefs in the 45′ – 75′ range.
  • It’s usually best to run at least 4 baits to simulate a bait pod effect with your boat. Try to keep them close in on the prop wash.
  • Try fishing the 14inch and 18inch Original on a ribbon fish rig.
  •  Fish a weightless bait on the down rigger.

Customer Questions and Answers:

  • Customer Question: Anyone catching Kings with your Lures?
  • Hogy Response: I fish a little south of you (Ft. Myers) and I’ve had great success blasting smoker kings on Hogy’s. I’ve had success trolling with the 1oz Bluemax series baits. The Bally smoke pattern has produced well for me, with some fish in the 30 – 40lb range taken. I’ll commonly troll those baits around 7-9 kts over temp breaks, color changes, or structure.


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