Q&A: Best Lures for a Norwegian Fishing Trip

Harness Jig Cod


I am scheduled to meet my friends for a fishing trip in Norway in August. We will fish the fjords for cod, haddock, pollock, ling cod, herring etc. I need help with rigging, and lures to purchase for my trip. I have limited knowledge of what to purchase. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much.
We’ve had a lot of product R&D in Norway over the past few years. You’ll be primarily jigging in deep water (90′-300′) with moderate to heavy current. This requires heavy lures to reach and maintain contact with the bottom while targeting cod, haddock, pollock, etc.

Our best lures are as follows:

6oz Harness Jigs: Heavy enough to quickly reach and stay near the bottom, these are perfect imitators of larger baitfish. They have a replaceable tail, which uses the HDUV 9″ Jigging Eels.

Jigs: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/0014/Pre-Rigged-6oz-Harness-Jigs/1.html
Tails: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/1040/HDUV-Jiggin-Eel/1.html

Rigged Diamond Jigs: Our heaviest rigged diamond jigs in 8oz and 10oz weights are ideal for deepwater jigging as well. They are used in a slow jigging motion and sport a 240lb Ball Bearing Swivel to eliminate line twists.


On a side note, we offer a Harness Jig kit that will give you a variety of colors in the appropriate weight, this kit includes a travel ready storage bag and replacement tails.


Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’m very happy to help.

Best regards,

Ross Gallagher

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