Q&A: Best Split Rings for Tuna

Question: morning guys – used the crappy weather this weekend to re-rig and get ready for the next tuna trip – i went to put a 4oz paddle tail on one of my casting rods and realized that SPRO split rings #8,#9, and #10 don’t fit in the hookeye of the paddletail – what do you guys use for connection when using swivel/ split ring connection? don’t want to risk using a #7 or lower… thanks
Answer:  Hi, We get asked that question very often. When using softbaits for tuna, I always attached the bait with either a loop knot got a crimp if the leader is above 80b. Depending on the brand of mono or flouro (as some are thicker than others) and the brand of crimps (as some crimps measurements are more accurate than others) the size crimps will vary. I typically use 1mm for 80lb flouro and 1.3mm for 130lb flouro. One way to upgrade the connection is to add a small piece of chafe gear. About 1/2” cut length is ideal. You want the smallest connection possible. Another tip is to hit your aluminum crimp with a sharpie so the sunlight won’t reflect off it.


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