Q&A: Epoxy and Metal Jigs for Puget Sound Salmon and Flounder

Q: Hi, I live by Puget sound in Washington state and was wondering if you have any epoxy jigs that would work well for salmon or flounder. Coho and pick salmon in particular. Thanks in advance

A: We have some great options for casting and jigging Salmon and Flounder. We’ve had a number of WA Salmon anglers using our Sand Eel jigs as a candle fish imitator for both shore and boat casting and jigging. The 1.25oz and 2.5oz are the most popular size and the Olive, Silver and Green are the most popular colors. http://shop.hogylures.com/category/2015/Sand-Eel-Jigs/1.html

Sand Eel Jig Silver Trebel
As for casting and jigging flounder, our smaller Heavy Minnow Jig will be excellent for light tackle jigging in fairly shallow water. I think the 1.25 or 2oz version will be the ideal size. They feature a small profile and a VMC Treble Hook which will do well hooking up on the Flounder’s small mouth. http://shop.hogylures.com/category/2014/Heavy-Minnow-Jigs/1.html
Heavy Minnow 3.5oz Shrimp


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