Hogy Rigging Cheat Sheat

Rigging Chart 700

A video rigging guide for all things Hogy®

Hooks and Tins


Rigging the Hogy® Weighed Grip Hook

Rigging the Hogy® Soft Circle Hook

Rigging the Hogy® Tandem Rig

Rigging the Hogy® Swim Bait Hook

Rigging the Hogy® Barbarian Swim Bait Hook

Rigging the Hogy® Swimming Tin




Rigging the SI® Epoxy Jigs

Rigging the Hogy® Little Big Jig

Rigging the Hogy® Deep Darter Head (Hogy® Jiggin’ Series)

Rigging the Hogy® Deep Darter Head (Hogy® Flounder)

Rigging the Hogy® X-Strong Jig Head

Rigging the Hogy® Barbarian Series Jig Head

Rigging the Hogy® Drop Shot Rig

Rigging the Hogy® Drop Shot Rig (Hogy® Flounder)

Rigging the Hogy® Chili Pepper Stinger

Rigging the SI® Vertical Jigs

Rigging the Hogy® Swimming Jigs


TrollingPacific Sailfish Hogy Bluemax Trolling Lure


Rigging the Hogy® Spreader Bar

Rigging the Hogy® Umbrella Rig

Rigging the Hogy® Daisy Chain

Rigging the Hogy® Blue Max Series





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3 comments on “Hogy Rigging Cheat Sheat
  1. Tim Javor says:

    It would be nice if your “Cheat Sheet” and “Data Sheets” truly were data sheets that could be used for application reference. Being able to glance at reference that could tell you what hook/jig/swim tim etc. is best used with what soft bait for a specific target fish using a specific technique would be great for those of us who don’t use your baits everyday like Ross and Mike do. For instance for Red Fish – a specific soft bait in a particular color fished with a specific technique, matched with a weighted or unweighted hook of a specific optimum weight and hook sizes. You’ve got most of the information assembled within many of the videos and articles already, it just needs to be tweaked a bit, adding the rest of the information to make it more complete so you don’t have to search for all of the detail. The reason this came up was I have a nephew who contacted me about fishing in the Tampa Bay area for Red Fish who’d never fished for them before and contacted me for some specifics. I gave him my insight and pointed him to your site. His comments were in line with what I’ve written here about needing the information to be more easily accessible as it applies to using your baits with specific techniques, with specific hooks(rigging?), and for specific fish. A simple spreadsheet would be all that would be necessary. Thanks in advance! Really enjoy using your gear!
    Tim Javor

    • Ross says:


      Thanks for your suggestions. We’ve had a spreadsheet floating around covering much of this information. We are creating an up to date document that covers these points, it should be public sometime in mid February.

  2. Tim Javor says:

    Fantastic tool Ross and Mike! You guys rock! Thanks for listening. You just made a fantastic product even better by making it easier for everyone to use it! Thanks again!

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