Texas Style

“Texas rigging” is probably the most common method of rigging soft baits. One major advantage is that the baits are virtually weed-less once properly rigged.

Why Texas Rig?

  • Weed-less Presentation.
  • Super-fast re-rigging
  • Easy!!!
  • Adaptable to Many conditions. The most popular soft-bait Rigging Method.

To Rig:

    • Step 1: Line the bait up with the hook and eye ball placement where the hook will enter and exit the bait. (You can mark each spot with a permanent marker.) The idea here is to make sure the hook will lay perfectly straight inside the bait once it’s rigged.
    • Step 2: Pass the hook through the center of the bait’s nose, and exit where you eyeballed proper placement.
    • Step 3: Rotate the hook, so the hook gap is facing the top of the bait, usually the flat portion and insert the hook into the back of the bait, down the centerline.
    • Optional Step 4: Bury the hook point so that it cannot pick up weeds.


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