Data Sheet: Hogy Sand Eel

Unlike many of the manufactured sand eels on the market that are already pre-rigged, The Hogy® Sand eel is designed accommodate an number of different rigs. Using a blend of plastic that is significantly softer than usual, these baits are hand painted to ensure proper coloration.  The Hogy® Sand Eel’s translucent quality truly mimics the delicate nature of sand eels.

The most popular ways to rig them are on small swim bait hooks, swimming tins and jig heads.

Length: 4.5”

Weight: .25oz

Recommended Tackle: 8lb  – 20lb class tackle

Recommended Rigs and Sizes – 4.5″

Hogy® Swimming Tin: .5oz and .75oz
Hogy® Swim-Bait Hook: 1/0 Weighted
Hogy® Swim-Bait hook: 1/0 unweighted
Hogy® Jig Head: 1/4oz and 1/8oz


Length: 7”

Weight: .6oz

Recommended Tackle: 14lb  – 40lb class tackle

Recommended Rigs and Sizes – 7″

Hogy® Swimming Tin: .75oz and 1oz.
Hogy® Swim-Bait Hook: 5/0 Weighted
Hogy® Swim-Bait hook: 5/0 unweighted
Hogy® Jig Head: .5oz
Hogy® Soft Circle Hook: 6/0

Fishing Cape Cod Using The Hogy® Sand Eels

Rigging with 1/0 Weighted Swim Bait Hook

Rigging with Mini Swimming Tin

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2 comments on “Data Sheet: Hogy Sand Eel
  1. Joe Piducj says:

    To whom it my concern, I am a surf caster and how would be the best why to rig your sand eel for the surf? Thank you.

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