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Fishing weightless baits during the spring has produced some real monsters.  1. They love big baits. 2. They love colorful baits. 3. They love baits they haven’t seen before.

Pike Hogy Hat

Top Ranked Soft Baits for Pike:


10″ Hogy® Original: 

The 10inch original is a popular lure for pike as it is large enough to generate a ton of commotion n the water but not too big where hook ups are an issue with a single weedless hook.

 10/0 Swim Bait Hook: 

This Needle sharp hook will get the job done. Perfect for a top-water, weedless presentation. Heavy-duty bait keeper suitable for holding large soft-baits big enough for pike.


From A Recent Survey Asking: What’s Your Best Hogy Story?

  • “Making pike videos was fun using the 10-inch Hogy. We caught lots on them and they still work great.”
  • “I’ve caught lots of striped bass and tuna on Hogy Lures, but the best of all has to be pike. My 7-year old Ben and I had the best day pike fishing with Hogys this summer at Worden Pond in North Kingston, RI. This is a shallow weed choked lake that produces bigger fish with bigger baits. The 14-inch black original Hogy rigged weedless could do no wrong that day. My young son was able to work this lure without much fear of snagging on the weeds and it made for a much more enjoyable day for both him and dad. Being a big lure, he could see it working under the surface and adjust his retrieve to make it move just right. We caught pike up to 12 pounds that day. Using the 14-inch Hogy that little boy out fished his dad in numbers and size of the fish he caught. You should have seen the grin on his face all the way home from the lake.”
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