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One of America’s favorite inshore fish. One of ours too. Most inshore locales call for smaller 4inch thru 6inch in baits. Out in open water, don’t be bashful and try larger soft baits such as our 10inch Original on 10/0 swim bait hook. We have have had success in Charleston in open water and also a lot of reports from Louisiana. Bubble Gum, Amber, Bone and Electric Chicken are the top picks. Tips Articles


Top Ranked redfish casting lures:




Hogy® 6inch Skinny: Hogy’s® super soft plastic offer just the right quiver to the reds in the shallows.

Perfectly paired with the 1/0 and 4/0 Swim Bait Hooks




Hogy® 7inch OriginalPerfect imitator of finger mullet. The extra weight of the 7inch bait allows for super long casts to shallow or spooky redfish. Try using braided lines under 15lb test for the most efficient casting distance.


Top Ranked redfish rigging:


Un Weighted Swim Bait Hooks: Just match the size of bait with the correct un weighted swim bait hook and you can skip baits deep into docks and bushes. Super strong for the big un’s.

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