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Often referred to as the fish of 1000 casts, musky are more easily found than caught. We know a few things about musky fishing. 1. They love big baits. 2. They love colorful baits. 3. They love baits they haven’t seen before. Our customers swear by the 14inch Original on the braided wire rigsTips Articles


Top Ranked Musky Casting Lures:


Hogy® 14” Original Series: Our favorite size for trophy musky. The serpentine action of this big bait will drive monster musky nuts. Experiment with retrieve speeds from slow to fast as weather condtions often dictate how aggressively musky will feed. Remember to rig up with our Big Game wire tandem rigs to prevent bite offs.


Top Ranked Musky Trolling Lures:

14” Original Hogy® rigged on Swimming Tin: Our favorite rigging when trying to cover ground and locate active fish. The slow erratic wobble from the Hogy® Swimming Tin calls fish in from a distance. For best results use trolling speeds from 1knt to 3.5knts.

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