Rigging: Hogy Eye Rattles

Many anglers feel that predator fish key on the eyes of their prey and are alert for any noise generated to help locate baitfish. Eye Rattles give your soft baits both of these attributes. Easy to insert after using the perforator included in each package. Sound travels long distances in water: Eye rattles will call them in.

“Eye” Attractor: When used in the nose of the bait, an eye rattle will add the visual impact of a baitfish with large eyes.
Added Weight: Eye rattles will add a small amount of weight to your soft-bait.  A rattle in the nose of the bait will keep the bait nosing downward.

Rigging Steps

Step 1

Insert Coring tool at desired location

Step 2

Insert Hogy Eye Rattle. Note: The rattle is slightly larger than the coring tool. It will “snap” right in and stay for long periods of time.

Some Rigging Ideas

Eye Location

Locate rattle in the nose. Marking the location on lighter baits with a black permanent marker will highlight the eye rattle.

Tail Location

A rattle placed in the tail of the soft-bait will have more motion resulting in more rattle effect.

Multiple Locations

Adding multiple rattles will significantly enhance the “rattle effect,” a popular method for open ocean water.


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