Workbench: Tips in Coloring Softbaits

Soft-baits have the wonderful ability to retain color with paints, dyes and permanent markers.Coloring soft-baits allows anglers to change tail color, impart markings on a bait to better simulate a particular baitfish and to simply add some flash. The easiest way (and also our favorite) to add color is which permanent marker. There are a few brands out there that offer multi-packs of pens with different colors.

A Few Ideas

The “Squidbert”

We used a razor to cut the tails and a Hogy Eye rattle to enhance the “eye” presentation.

The “Mackerel”

We used a black Sharpie to color the backside and mark stripes.

The “Black Tail”

Ever notice that the tails of most fish are darker and clearly defined? Use a black sharpie to create this effect.

The “Lat-Line”

All fish have them! Run a black Sharpie (or any color for that matter) down the center of a rigging slot of a Hogy Soft-bait and the dark line will permeate its way through.

The “Red-Head”

A favorite for over a century, use a red Sharpie to get the job done.

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