Best Sellers: Calico “Kelp” and Sand Bass Lures


These salty cousins of the large mouth bass respond quite well to big soft-baits. While 6inch and 7inch sized baits seem to be most popular, anglers who step up to larger 10inch soft baits rigged swim bait hooks have great success on finicky fish.

Calico “Kelp” bass can be finicky but keep in mind they eat squid and other crustaceans that in their natural habitat are amber. Our top color picks for kelp bass are chart, amber and bone. A few tips.


The 10inch Original:  a great top water bait, big enough to call big calicos

to the surface. Lot’s of commotion. Our baits are hand poured and made with a very high quality plastic so that have very fluid action. We find the solid colors work best. Obviously, weedless rigging is essential for fishing the kelp beds.


Weighted and Unweighted Swimbait Hooks: We retired our Texas rigging now

that we have our heavy duty swimbait hooks. Our signature keeper grips the bait, eliminating soft bait creep. Laser sharp, super strong hooks geared for BIG fish. We have two levels, 1x series are suitable for calicos,




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One comment on “Best Sellers: Calico “Kelp” and Sand Bass Lures
  1. I like the presentation on The Hogy Swimbait Hook. Very Nice!!

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