Best Sellers: Ling Cod

These Pacific monsters love baby sand dabs. Lings have huge mouths and big appetites. We recommend our larger baits for ling.

Remember to drop back if you miss a strike. Ling Cod are very aggressive and will come back for a second strike.

5inch and 8inch Flounder make great sand dab imitators. The 13inch Jiggin’ black or bubble gum have taken some monsters as well. Tips Articles


Top Ranked Ling Cod Lures


Hogy® Drop Shot Rig: Target fish hanging on the bottom. Our drop-shot rigs are crimped directly in-line for maximum action.  A favorite for cod, grouper, bass and snapper.



Hogy® 10inch and 13inch Jiggin: Perfect bait for light tackle vertical jigging for ling cod.



The Hogy® Flounder Whether you are trying to imitate a winter flounder, baby fluke or a sand dab, we have you covered with the Hogy Flounder. Deep water candy.


Hogy ® 16oz Big Big JigWhen we say pint sized here, we really mean 1 pound! Get Deep.


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