Best Sellers: Tuna Lures for Casting

If you’re reading this, chances are you have tuna on the brain. (So does Hogy Lures®!) Soft baits are a blank canvas just waiting to be rigged any way you’d like. Casting? Jigging? Trolling? We’ve got the goods in the form of rigging strong enough to tame the beast and soft baits big enough to cast. Tips Best Sellers Articles


Top Ranked Tuna Casting Lures:




Hogy® 10inch Doublewide: Our favorite bait for long distance casting to busting tuna schools. Weighing in at a hefty 3oz un rigged, this chubby bait is a proven tuna producer. Best paired with the 9/0 Weighted Grip Hook or Hogy® 2oz Deep Darter Head.




Hogy® 14inch Original: A great imitator of super sized oceanic sand eels and other slender bait fish. The serpentine action draws strikes from finicky fish.



Top Ranked Tuna Rigging:







Hogy® 2oz Deep Darter Head: For long distance casting, jigging and walking the dog. This jig head can do it all.







Hogy® Weighted Grip Hook: Super strong, very easy to rig. Lightly weighted for surface presentations on busting fish.



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2 comments on “Best Sellers: Tuna Lures for Casting
  1. Shane smith says:

    Looking for tuna eels for albacore or good swim baits for on the troll

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