Hot Baits: Hogy® 10inch Original Blamber, Hogy® 10inch Jigging Blamber

Rigging: Slappy Jig Head, 10/0 Weighted Barbarian Swim Bait Hook

Just want to say I really like your products and would especially like to pass along some praise and thanks to Eric Harrison.  Eric has I think written some of the best articles ever on fishing soft plastics for OTW and that got my started.

I don’t fish from a kayak, but I wade fish nearby to where Eric launches and fishes and he is generous with his time and sharing of information and advice in a way that is rare.  A couple years ago he gave me one of your Hogy’s on a Larew jig-head and that got me started.

Last month I got a needle fish plug’s treble impaled through the palm of my hand during a wet landing and Eric cut the barb off for me and gave me one of the new Slappy jig-heads and a “blamber” Hogy plus some specific location recommendations on where I might try it.  The Slappy jig works great and I bought more blamber Hogy’s that I rigged on 1/4-oz, off-set 6/0 worm hooks where I needed slightly less weight and a little more weed resistance.  I have caught many bass on these when my best swimming plugs could not draw any interest.

Attached is my best bass on one of these rigs caught last week, an over 35# fish.  Glued up the torn Hogy and caught 2 x fish in the 20# range on the same Hogy the next night.

You have some good products and a really helpful person promoting them.  Please pass along my thanks to Eric.