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Hi, I’d like to share a quick story with your company. My family has been vacationing on Cape Cod for over 20 years, my inlaws live in S. Yarmouth. My son, who is now 11, is as avid an angler as they come. If it has fins, he’s caught it. So for the past few years, he has “befriended” a local charter Capt (Terry Nugent/Riptide), as he departs and returns from the Bass River boat launch on a pretty regular basis.

A few days ago, as Terry was returning with a boatload of customers, he called my son over to his boat. Now this is after he has deemed my son Austin as “the only guy on the Cape who fishes more than me” .. He told Austin about his sponsors and ProStaff status for several different vendors, and gave him a bag of assorted shapes/sizes/colors of Hogy lures…! He explained to Austin how to use them correctly, and how well he’s been doing with them on his boat. (I’ve been buying your products since they’ve come out, love them..!) My son had a smile from ear to ear! We rigged them up, and took them over to a place I knew he would have luck with them the following morning, and although we caught no bass, he managed to catch a few bluefish on them, that was fine with him though!

So I just wanted to share this with you, and express my thanks to your company and Capt. Terry Nugent for making a friend forever in my son Austin. Thanks again,

- Andrew

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