Testimonial: Large Hogy Soft Baits For Coastal Bull Redfish

15 Minutes with: Shawn g.

Here’s what we learned…IMG_20141102_200527


Location:  Cape Canaveral, FL

Tides: Outgoing tides concentrate fish into tight schools feeding on Menhaden.

Approach: These fish are holding on 20′ – 30′ of water. It’s been easiest to locate them by looking for churned up or dirty water where the fish are rooting around along the bottom searching for forage. These areas are highly contrasting to the normally green water around Cape Canaveral.

Rigging Selection: Hogy® 10/0 Barbarian Jig Heads

Bait Selection: Hogy® 10″ HDUV Bone Jigging Soft Baits

Rigged Barb 7inch HDUV Bone

Why this bait? These large soft baits are perfect at imitating large coastal menhaden. The serpentine action of the eel tail stands out in a school of feeding bull redfish and rarely goes unnoticed.

Colors: Bone, Bubblegum

Retrieve: Let the jig sink to the bottom, then use very quick erratic jigging motions to get the bait dancing. While creating lots of action is important, the jig must stay close to the bottom where the redfish are feeding. Strikes are often very aggressive and hard to mistake. Make sure to get a solid hook set in the fish.



Rod: Medium Heavy – Fast Action 7′ Penn Ambassador

Reel:  Quantum Cabo 40

Line: 20lb Suffix 832 Braid and 40lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader using a J-Knot.

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2 comments on “Testimonial: Large Hogy Soft Baits For Coastal Bull Redfish
  1. I have just started fishing your soft plastics jigs. Here is my questions. I am fishing for Red’s an trout in the back bays around the Corpus Christi area of Texas. I need information of what colors to use in which conditions. I fished last Thursday in the Gulf and the water was supper clear. Then I went fishing on Saturday in the back bay and the water looked like chocolate milk, and it was very ruff. How do I know which colors work best under different conditions. I mainly fish for trout, reds.

    • Capt. Ross Gallagher says:


      Generally speaking, natural colors work best in clear water situations. In murky water conditions, bright colors like Bubblegum or Chartreuse can work well.
      That said, Bone and Bubblegum are some of our favorite colors regardless of water color / clarity, they tend to produce just about anytime.

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