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Topwater Lures for Florida Tarpon Fishing

Just back from the keys and had an opportunity to throw some Hogys at some lower keys tarpon… I was a little skeptical, even after seeing your excellent instructional video,  that tarpon would feed on the lures. That ended quickly when I made my 2nd cast to a rolling tarpon with the 10″ original in bone using the walk the dog technique described on your web site. The fish hit and missed the hook but incredibly came back and hit it again.

Your video doesn’t do the bite justice.

Awesome to see see a fish of this size roll up on a twitching Hogy and engulf it in a massive swirl. This 120 lb + tarpon was the first of many caught over a 2 week period. I used the 10″ for sight casting in shallower water. I also used the 7in original in bone and pink on a 1/2 oz jig head to hook, jump and land many tarpon from 40-100lb+.

Again, the thing that amazed me was that the fish would hit the bait more than once or others in the school would compete for the lure. Not typical tarpoon behavior.The extremely hot water (90+) sent the fish into the deeper channels during the day but I was able the get them to eat using this technique. I also hooked a 6 foot blacktip shark , jacks and had several bite offs by large cudas.

I was not prepared with proper jigs/weights or my landing percentage would have increased. Next year, I will be prepared with more of your products.Thought you might interested in this report. Off to order some more Hogys. Thanks for the excellent product and web site instruction.

- Chuck Bartels
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