Blog: Ballyhoo Replacements for Mahi Mahi

Dear Mike,

First, I washed ashore in Beaufort NC from Plymouth Ma 5 years ago.  Wonderful place here for many reasons especially fishing.  Incredible how many species are here.

A few weeks ago I put a Hogy® Original 7inch Bubble Gum on a pink smoker and flat lined 30′ from the transom while offshore trolling for dolphin.  Didn’t take long for a dolphin to take it.  The guys were surprised as the way to do it here is ballyhoo on a sea witch.  The Hogy® was cut in half and I had no more but my experiment seemed to work.

Couldn’t find any more here(Joe Shute was out) but next time out I tried a similar soft plastic and a short strike finished that one.  Next time I’ll be trying the 2 in the attached photos with the ones I ordered.  I added stinger hooks similar to your tandems to hopefully take care of short strikes and maybe get more use out of the baits.  I use a longer shank hook with a 4/0 or 5/0 live bait stinger.

I have a box of different Hogy® rigs and baits I bought on frequent trips to Mass but have not used them much.  Most of the fish here have sharp teeth.  I had hoped to use them for cobia this year but there was very little surface opportunities this season.

When I have pictures of my success I will send them.  I’ll be in Plymouth from mid August to mid September and hopefully will try your products on stripers and tuna.

Used the crimper last night and it is a great value.


The attached picture is of a Dolphin I caught Friday with the rig I showed you.  It was not in the trolling spread, as a sea witch with a ballyhoo is the way it’s done here.  So, I put the Hogy rig on my jigging rod and trolled it by hand about 30′ from the boat when I had the opportunity between other action.  First time out a fish hit and missed then took another rig so it works as a teaser.   Next time out I caught the one in the picture.  A little later I got another.  We caught 11 dolphin and 2 were on the Hogy plus 1 was teased in by Hogy.  I wonder what the result would have been if it was part of the spread.   They will be part of the spread on my boat and hopefully I make believers of a few more guys.

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