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From a Hogy® Fan:

Thanks Ross!  I get my Hogy’s® from Bass Pro Shop here in Orlando.  I watched a video on YouTube that showed a demo of your product.  It looked cool and I have always been a plastic worm fisherman for bass so I thought what the heck!

The video showed the Hogy® Original 7″ Bone being worked across the top of the water and some monster Snook slamming it.  I had never tried that and it looked like it could be fun.

Also I had never seen it being used at Sebastian Inlet (Snook Capital of the Treasure Coast!!).  The area there is real rocky on the bottom and you lose a lot of jigs and such to break offs.  They work very well and hold up to a lot of punishment!

Most of my fishing is done in the Mosquito Lagoon around the NASA area.  I either wade or fish from a canoe.  I haven’t tried the Hogy® on the flats there but they work very well around the lighted docks at night.

Like I said, when even a small snook hits it near the top, it will scare the heck out of ya!  I will try and get some photos next trip.  I will be going to Sebastian on the next full moon which will be the last of Snook season here.

Thanks for the decals!!!  I will send you a shot of the boat when I’m done!






Hogy 7inch Original Rigged on 5/0 Un Weighted Swim Bait Hook.


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