Data Sheet: Tuna Epoxy Casting Jig

SI 4-ounce Epoxy Jig Tuna Series by Hogy®

Last year Hogy Lure Company introduced SI Epoxy Jigs, a revival of a nostalgic favorite amongst bonito and false albacore fishermen. The SI Epoxy Jig features a vivid scale finish core surrounded by a heavy coat of clear epoxy for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. Features include through-wire construction, stainless steel split ring and VMC 4x treble hook, perfect for fooling selective false albacore, bonito and any game fish that relies on excellent eyesight when attacking its prey. (Originally available in sizes up to 1-ounce.)

TUNA CASTING Epoxy Jig Diagram

After a number of requests from top water tuna anglers wanting the same swimming action paired with natural light refraction but in a larger size and rigging for casting to top-water tuna, Hogy is launching the “Tuna Series” for 2015. This new heavy duty version features a 4-ounce body, perfectly keeled for subsurface walk-the-dog action, 5x split rings, 240-pound test ball bearing swivel, and a heavy duty short shank VMC live bait hook. Colors to match mackerel, herring, halfbeaks and squid.

Nantucket fishing.


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