Datasheet: HD-UV Soft Baits

Most anglers know that fish locate their prey in three ways: by sensing vibration through their lateral lines, by sight and to a certain degree by scent. It’s likely that sensed vibration and scent may spark a predator’s interest but seeing a potential meal is vital to hunting success. Until recently, the visibility of lures was often severely restricted by factors such as water clarity and the amount of visible light. But scientists have discovered that fish see a much wider spectrum of light than do humans, including ultraviolet light.

UV light penetrates with water column to much greater depths than the narrow spectrum we see. At Hogy Lure Company we now offer a line of soft baits with high contrast UV reflective substances in our proprietary soft plastic blends. The result: lifelike soft plastic lures that are visible – and highly attractive – to fish feeding in both shallow and deeper water.

HD-UV Jigging Series Soft Baits:

HDUV Jigging Series Diagram

HD-UV 18inch Swordfish Eel Series Soft Baits:

swordfish eel kit 550px

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