Soft Bait Circle hooks are growing in popularity as they have three major advantages:

1. Fish don’t get gut hooked, allowing for safer release.
2. Anglers lose fewer fish.
3. Better action, no hard points in the bait.

Until recently, circle hooks were associated with live or dead bait. But no longer. The Hogy® Soft-Circle Hook features Hogy’s own twist-on screw lock bait holder and ensures solid “jaw hook-ups” and healthy releases. (The Hogy Soft-Circle Hook complies with many billfish tournament rules and regional regulations that require this type of hook.) With minimal hardware inside the bait, the Hogy® Soft-Circle Hook allows for maximum soft bait action.

Important fishing note on setting the hook with circle hooks:

When the fish strikes, continue retrieving bait until hooked-up. Rather than “striking,” the hook set is completed by simply reeling down on the fish. Hogy® Soft-circle hooks are designed to automatically set with a smooth steady retrieve.

Soft Circle Rigging Video (with 10″ Original)

In Action: Soft Circle on big Jacks

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