Video: Topwater Stripers in Boston Harbor on Hogy Lures

15 Minutes with Capt. Eric Kulin

What we learned…

Location: Boston Harbor

Tides: Fish began to surface feed during the middle of outgoing tide.

Approach: A large mass of fish has just arrived to Boston Harbor with the increasing water temps. We simply began cursing out the North Channel until we saw a surface feed begin. Stripers were pushing herring to the surface and birds were blasting bait from above. Quietly idle towards the fish and avoid plowing into the feeding school. Work the outside edges of the feed to avoid pushing fish down.

Rigging: X-Strong 5/0 Unweighted Swim Bait Hook allows for a floating topwater presentation.

Bait Selection: Hogy® 7inch Floating Series Soft Bait

7inch Bubble Gum

Why this bait: The 7inch Floating Series is an excellent herring profile imitator. On this occasion, the fish were very selective and avoided may other presentations. The only way the fish would bite, was on the fly or the bubblegum 7inch Floating Series. Often, a bright color like the bubblegum will trigger an aggressive feeding response from passive fish.

Retrieve: The Hogy® Floating Series will float on the surface when rigged on an unweighted hook. This allows for a total topwater presentation, which is best paired with a quick twitch – pause retrieve. The lure will imitate a fleeing herring and produce some very exciting topwater strikes!


Rod: 7′ St. Croix Mojo Spinning Medium Heavy – Fast Action.

Reel: Quantum Cabo 30

Line: 20lb PP Slick Auqa Blue

Leader: 12lb Fluorocarbon

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One comment on “Video: Topwater Stripers in Boston Harbor on Hogy Lures
  1. Malcolm D. says:

    Never would have thought to use a pink, relatively narrow profile presentation to imitate a herring, on the surface at that. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for posting the video. Oh yeah, by the way, the background music was on point. Can you reveal the name of the artist and the name of the cut? Almost sounds like something Bob James would do.

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