Work Bench: Hogy Daisy Chains

A soft bait daisy chain offers life-like teasers in conjunction with your favorite trolling bait. Each soft-bait will wiggle, dance and dart as if being chased by a larger predator. In this case, you’re quarry will instinctively go for the largest offering, you’re stinger! The teasers on your soft-bait daisy chain are easy to change, offering you the quick ability to change colors or replace war-torn baits.

Why Soft Bait Daisy Chains?

  1. Mesmerizing Action-more commotion than a single trolling lure or bait.
  2. Less drag to pull with hard plastic or metal teasers
  3. Effective at wide range of trolling Speeds
  4. Easy to rig and re-rig.

Getting Started:

Begin by deciding on what size your stinger will be and work backwards. Your teasers should either be smaller or a different color than your stinger to give your quarry a better target. Basically you want to promote your stinger as the preferred target!

One of the many advantages of soft plastics is the availability of colors, so try any you like. You certainly can’t go wrong with the old adage that suggests: “dark colors for dark conditions and bright colors for bright conditions.” Translucent colors are especially effective for two reasons: 1. both squid and sand eels are translucent in their natural environment. 2. If lighting conditions change, your baits will change accordingly.

The Soft Bait Daisy Chain

  • Step 1:  Start by crimping the “leader eye” connection to your trolling line. Chaffing gear is recommended but not necessary
  • Step 2: Slide on three crimp sleeves, Ilander Jr (nose first), Hogy Hook Stopper, and finish by crimping on the tandem rigged Hogy.
  • Step 3: Take a moment and space crimp sleeves so they are properly located on the leader and mark locations with a sharpie. Crimp each sleeve in place with short piece of mono with tag end pointing toward the leader eye.
  • Step 4: Attach Hogy Bait keepers and Hogys to each mono piece.
  • Step 5: Add your stinger.

Trolling Speed:

Though soft baits can be trolled at higher speeds, they troll best between 4 ½ and 5 ½ kts, similarly to bulb squid bars. You can up your trolling speeds by adding weight to each of the baits, but I generally troll at moderate speeds and have my best luck on the bars I rig at around 5kts

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