Work Bench: Soft Bait Dredges

Big soft baits work for just about any blue water game fish around the world and often close the deal when traditional artificial blue water baits are ignored. Their life-like feel and fluid action combine to give you the closest thing you can get to a live bait – but with much more durability!

Soft baits give you so much flexibility offshore. Whether your are casting soft baits or trolling with them, our innovative rigging methods are sure to up your game

Dredge Bar

With their amazing action, we love soft baits  rigged on an umbrella rig or dredge bars. Inshore, folks will rig them with a stinger down the middle for striped bass. Blue-water folks rig them “hook-less” as a teaser rig, commonly known as a dredge bar. Popular dredge bait colors include sand eel, black-pearl and rainbow bunker.

Suggested Soft Bait and Keeper Sizes

Hogy® 7inch Sand Eel    XL Bait Keeper
Hogy® 10inch Original Series    XXL Bait Keeper
Hogy® 14inch Original Series    XXL Bait Keeper


Rigging Instructions:

Step 1: Attach Bait Keepers to dredge bar. Close eyes around bar with pliers.

Step 2: Screw soft bait onto keeper.

Step 3: Attach weight to keep dredge near sub surface.


How to Rig a Soft Bait Dredge

Underwater Action Video: Soft Bait Dredge

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