Workbench: How to Crimp Fishing Lures

The use of crimping gear is most commonly associated with bluewater fishing as crimps tend to be the most effective on heavy lines. We have addressed a number of bluewater fishing methods so we figured we take a moment to go through a few important points on crimping and how they pertain to soft-baits.
Crimps: Crimp sleeves come in a variety of sizes and they should be matched appropriately to the lb test that you are using. Most crimps will be sized according to a range between two lb tests, such as 80-100lb test.

There are Two Types of Crimps:

Single Sleeve

Great for forming connecting loops with monofilament and fluorocarbon leader up to 150lb test.

Double Sleeve

Great for attaching dropper connections on daisy chains.

Crimping Tools

Crimping tools vary quite a bit in quality and price. A better quality tool will last for multiple seasons.

Instructions for Crimping

  1. Select the appropriate crimps. See chart below for approximate sizing.
  2. Insert leader into the crimp sleeve. Use appropriate groove on crimping tool. They should be sized for a variety of crimp sleeve and labeled as such. Too big or too small will result in a weak crimp.
  3. (Optional) Some anglers will “touch” the crimp with groove that is one size down to impart just enough pressure to impact the crimp but not enough for full pressure.


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